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me too. International Issues Statement on the SCOTUS Decision to Overturn Roe v. Wade



me too. International Issues Statement on the SCOTUS Decision to Overturn Roe v. Wade 

Washington D.C. – Today’s regressive decision undoes decades of progress and emphasizes a very stark reality- the right to abortion was never codified by the federal government, because the right for birthing people to decide what to do with their bodies was never viewed as a civil and fundamental right. Make no mistake that this kind of decision is directly tied to racism, capitalism and state violence. As an organization committed to working everyday towards liberation, agency, and healing, we see this decision as an evil and regressive tactic by the government to dominate, harm and control our right to live whole and healthy lives. 

This is not simply an attack on abortion access, this is violent attack on bodily autonomy, healthcare access, and safety. Reproductive justice is inextricably linked to survivor justice as survivors of sexual violence know firsthand the detrimental impact of body violation. Survivors being forced to carry a pregnancy to term as a result of an assault is compounded trauma- physically, psychologically and financially.  

Furthermore, restricting abortion access without making strides towards comprehensive sex and consent education, social services, and additional interventions is deplorable. But we must recognize that this is ultimately by design. Disenfranchised communities, marginalized communities, queer and working class communities, have had to fight systemic opression fueled by a culture of patriarchal violence and white supremacy. And while we knew this day was coming, we will use the rage we feel to fight without ceasing with and for survivors and birthing people who are often one and the same. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

13 states have trigger laws and 26 states will likely create laws that once in affect, will ban abortions almost completely. The impact will be stark, but there are still ways to assist those in need of reproductive care. Reproductive justice networks exist throughout the U.S. and will continue to mobilize, strategize, and organize. Tapping into these networks is critical at this time. By supporting and uplifting their calls to actions we create pathways that enable access, education, and care. 

We know that this moment can be triggering, rage inducing, and utterly heart wrenching. It is paramount that we allow ourselves to feel the vast range of emotions these disheartening actions elicit. We are here, we have resources to support you, and we will move forward. We will find new pathways to protect our autonomy and hold our community as we continue to resist the arms of the state.